Ultimate Summary of Economic Survey 2018

Chapter 01: State of The Economy: An Analytical Overview and Outlook for PolicyRead
Chapter 02: A New, Exciting Bird’s-Eye View of The Indian Economy Through the GSTRead
Chapter 03: Investment and Saving Slowdowns and Recoveries: Cross-Country Insights for IndiaRead
Chapter 04: Reconciling Fiscal Federalism and Accountability: Is There A Low Equilibrium Trap?Read
Chapter 05: Is There A “Late Converger Stall?” In Economic Development? Can India Escape It?Read
Chapter 06: Climate, Climate Change and AgricultureRead
Chapter 07: Gender & Son Meta-Preference: Is Development Itself an Antidote?Read
Chapter 08: Transforming Science and Technology in IndiaRead
Chapter 09: Ease of Doing Business’ Next Frontier-Timely JusticeRead
Chapter 01: An Overview of India’s Economic Performance in 2017-18Read
Chapter 02: Review of Fiscal DevelopmentsRead
Chapter 03: Monetary Management & Financial IntermediationRead
Chapter 04: Prices and InflationRead
Chapter 05: Sustainable Development, Energy & Climate ChangeRead
Chapter 06: External SectorRead
Chapter 07: Agriculture and Food ManagementRead
Chapter 08: Industry & InfrastructureRead
Chapter 09: Services SectorRead
Chapter 10: Social Infrastructure, Employment & Human DevelopmentRead